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Adelphi Selection  

Loch Katrine Adelphi Distillery was erected in 1826 on the banks of the River Clyde in central Glasgow, adjacent to Victoria Bridge. By 1886 Adelphi was the largest distillery in Scotland, producing some 500,000 gallons of spirit annually. When a washback gave way and flooded the neighboring streets with alcohol in 1906, the slow decline of a once-great facility began… by 1971 the distillery was completely demolished.

In 1993 the name was resurrected as an independent bottler, and quickly gained ground as a stalwart. They are notoriously picky, thus their taste suits ours well. All of these casks yielded less than 250 bottles, and that is all that exists for the world. We took our time in making these selections, so you might acquire only the best of the best. Take advantage while these are available!

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6/23/2017 5:19:07 PM
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