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Arkansas Black  

It's a family affair... Husband and wife team John and Samantha Collins have recreated a classic American spirit, Applejack, based on the methods used by Samantha's great-grandfather, Arthur "Skipper" Ford. Named for an heirloom variety of apple, Arkansas Black is a labor of love, and the Collins' passion for producing an authentic recreation of this legendary spirit shows in every bottle. 25 pounds of apples go into every 750ml, a mix of different varieties of apple depending on what is available each harvest, their small-batch production shows nuanced changes with each season. Rested in French Limousin and ex-Bourbon barrels prior to release, this is one classy spirit.We jumped on board early with this classic, and their brand speaks to everything Bounty Hunter stands for: rarity, pedigree, certainty.

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6/23/2017 1:40:35 PM
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