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Belle Meade  

Stop us if you've heard this beforeā€¦ A once-proud, now shuttered family business seeks resurrection... and finds it. Several years ago, with a vague knowledge of their great-great-great-Grandfather's once thriving whiskey business, Andy and Charlie Nelson, went to visit their ancestral home. A small, historic registry sign denotes the location on Distillery Road in Greenbrier where Charles Nelson started and operated the largest Tennessee distillery during the pre-Prohibition era. The local butcher showed the brothers the spring that fed the distillery its water, the local historian showed them two original bottles of the whiskey and destiny was born. With little more than the dream of producing whiskey their ancestors would be proud of, the brothers set out on a mission to re-establish the family business.

Known for its bold character and smooth finish, the whiskey itself was the stuff of legend. The brothers have done extensive recipe research and believe they have come up with a close approximation to the original - and it is likely one of the only wheated whiskeys made in TN. In 2014 they opened a stunning distillery in Nashville to make the spirit of their forefathers. As the new stocks of whiskey age they have hand-selected and sourced barrels to create some blends that would make their ancestors proud.

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