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Belvedere hails from the small town of Zyrardow, 45 km west of Warsaw. The distillery, Polmos Zyrardow was established in 1910 and continued producing vodka throughout two world wars and many European hardships. After the fall of communism, Polmos Zyrardow set out to create its own proprietary vodka and distinguish itself from other authentic Polish distilleries. It was named Belvedere after the Belweder Palace in Warsaw (currently displayed on every bottle), a name that translates in Italian to "beautiful to see." Belvedere Vodka remained a regional liquor until the 1990s, when an American named Edward Jay Phillips traveled to Europe and acquired the US distribution rights and began supplying the vodka to the U.S. market.

Current Offerings From Belvedere:


    Belvedere 'Unfiltered' Vodka Poland

    When it comes to great vodka, what the vodka is made from is often more important than how many times it has been distilled. Nobody knows that better than the distillers at Belvedere...


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