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Situated in the heart of the Rhône-Alps, Bigallet offers a rich and varied range of handcrafted liqueurs and syrups since 1872. At that time deliveries were carried out by horse and cart. In the beginning, Felix Bigallet only offered his customers traditional drinks such as Bitter, Amer and Quiquina. In 1885, The railway made the importation of all the required raw materials easier for Bigallet; wine from the south of France, sugar loaves from the Antilles, rum from the West Indies, lemons from Sicily and oranges from Spain or northern Africa. By 1946, the syrups became the company's main product, particularly the famous Citronade. It is a colourless syrup created from lemon zests and sugar cane syrup. A real "nectar" which today continues to be produced in the same traditional method when it was first created. Every year Bigallet goes on creating new and innovative flavors, taking inspiration from its own roots in the heart of the French Alps.

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