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Black Cow  

We are all familiar with the proverb "necessity is the mother of invention." While some might argue vodka is not a "necessity", some eastern European countries disagree, given that the word "vodka" derives from the Slavic word for water (voda).

Pure Milk Vodka sounds like something a mad scientist might develop. Well, in the quiet, serene, seaside area of West Dorset, England, dairy farmer Jason Barber found an inventive use for the whey separated from the curd when he makes the cheddars his dairy is famous for. Instead of disposing of the whey or adding it to livestock feed, he spent three years finding the right yeast, creating a proprietary distillation and blending process and voila! a new vodka was born. This is an exceptionally smooth vodka that you can drink 'til the cows come home.

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    Black Cow Vodka

    This vodka is produced from pure milk and is among the most unique and flavorful spirits we have tried in a long while!



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6/23/2017 10:04:25 AM
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