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Bruno Giacosa  

Growing up in Neive (a small town in the region of Langhe in Piedmont), Bruno Giacosa was bound to end up with his hands in the vineyards. Bruno went into the family business at the age of 15, and quickly established himself as one of the key figures in Italian winemaking. The “Genius of Neive” built a brand defined by making exquisite wines that respect the identity and connection to his homeland from vine to bottle. If there are “first growths” among Italy’s esteemed vineyards, Giacosa’s wines are the beginning of that lineage. His reputation for perfectionism is continually reaffirmed through his exacting requirements, as he is known for his uncompromising and scrupulous standards. He was the first to market Barolo and Barbaresco from single vineyards, emphasizing the unique terroir of the area and demonstrating his mastery of giving voice to specific vineyard sites. Bruno’s eyes tell the story of a man who has transformed the way we perceive Italian wine. Take a look inside and find the magic within the man.

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