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Only in Italy could Montepulciano d’Abruzzo refer to both the name of the region and the name of a grape variety. The multiple use of the same name does little to help demystify Italian wines to any but the most ardent connoisseur. Home to Italy’s hard working farmers for countless generations, Abruzzo’s wines and cuisine have grown up reflecting the honest nature of the people. Montepulciano’s rise as the prominent grape is helped by the fact that it grows like a weed in these fertile, coastal hills and produces grapes with intense inky color. With their finger on the pulse of that trend, the relative newcomers, Caldora Vini, have embraced all the character and flair this traditional grape has to offer. They source the most quality fruit from their collective of growers and craft the wines in their modern winemaking facility in Ortona. This Southern Italian stalwart is getting much deserved attention and we’ve gotta say, it’s about time!
6/22/2017 6:49:16 PM
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