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Winemaker Jean Calot was a rare breed. Short in stature but not in personality, he was an old-school grower if there ever was one, and was all smiles and hospitality the moment we walked into his garage located in the alley behind the hotel/bar we stayed in Morgon. He immediately started pulling bottles and popping corks (including a few dating back 25+ years), thrilled to share his wares with fans of the grape that he dedicated his life to tending. He was a man of exacting standards and quality, as all of the fruit he worked with was born from vines between 80 and 110 years old. As the day drew to a close, his friends from around the village started to arrive, where he poured them glass after glass after glass, joking and telling stories to anyone who would listen. We took that as our cue to leave, and noticed a handful of vineyard posts ready for kindling. One of our buyers climbed the rickety ladder to procure a few of them, and Jean Calot offered them as gifts to thank us for visiting him. It is a memory we will always take with us.

Sadly, about two weeks after we returned home, we learned that Jean Calot had unexpectedly passed away. We can close our eyes and still see his round spectacles and cherubic smile staring into a glass of Gamay. He was a special breed and both his homeland and the wine world as a whole will miss him. Rest in peace, Monsieur Calot… our glass is raised in your honor.

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