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Toiling for others in Napa Valley can lead to some pretty far-reaching dreams. Tom Clark remembers the day he got the itch. Having managed some pretty incredible vineyards for sixteen years in and around the Valley, he had a reflective moment that stirred his imagination. Why not look for something to call home, and maybe tend vines that would be his own? And so it began that he and his wife Laurie set out searching for the answer.
Resolution came in the form of a 117-acre jewel on the back side of Howell Mountain, resplendent with redwoods, meadows and natural amphitheaters that practically called out to grapevines. The owner was more interested in selling the land to folks he felt would be caretakers (rather than the highest bidder), a fact that the Clarks admit is the only way they could ever conceive of landing the deal. They set about to planting 20 acres of vines with the rest of the property earmarked as wilderness in perpetuity. This team knows how to deliver in the bottle.
6/26/2017 11:56:59 AM
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