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Coup de Foudre  

Years before John Schwartz founded Amuse Bouche Winery in the Napa Valley, he found himself at a French fête trying to woo the woman who would become his wife. Unfortunately, while John was off refilling his Malibu and fruit juice, a bon vivant named Serge had moved in on his girl. When he later asked his sweetheart what that “other man” could possibly have said to make her swoon upon meeting, she told him, “he held my hands and asked if I believed in coup de foudre.” Coup de Foudre. Pronounced “koo dah food rah.” It’s a lightning strike, that love at first sight moment you want to capture forever. We don’t know if John’s pulling our leg with his story. We do know that John and his business partner Danielle Price both dreamed of crafting a portfolio of wines for celebrating the magical moments and people in our lives. Trust us, when John sells you on his “love conquers all” ideology, it feels anything but cheesy.

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