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Domaine Arlaud  

Like many parts of the “Old World,” Burgundy is undergoing something of a revolution. For the first time, as members of the next generation take control of family wineries, they are armed with techniques and production know-how gleaned from other wine regions. They have traveled far beyond the walls of their respective villages and observed how wine is made across the world, and the results are proving to be very exciting. Hervé Arlaud, the family patriarch, has watched with pride and awe as his son Cyprien and daughter Bertille have taken the family’s winery in Morey-St.-Denis to a new level. Cyprien’s passion for clean, modern cellar techniques stands in stark contrast to his sister’s throwback approach to farming. In an effort to remove fumes and oil from their precious earth, she literally plows their vineyards by hand behind a draft horse. Taste for yourself what happens when the best of time-honored tradition meets modern know-how.

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