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Dominique Mugneret  

Descending into Dominque Mugneret’s tiny cellar beneath his home in Vosne-Romanée, it’s easy to forget that one is tasting beneath the streets of the world’s most famous Pinot Noir address. A couple of wooden spittoons and a simple bar are all that separate the visitor from precious barrels of glorious, glorious Burgundy. As quiet and unassuming as his cellar, Dominque prefers to let the wine speak, doling out careful pours of the sort of Pinot that makes people understand why this village is so revered amongst aficionados. Largely utilizing the vineyards of his extended family (it seems like half of Vosne is named Mugneret), he just essentially stands back and lets the impeccable fruit do the work. Taste for yourself, friends… this is the essence of Burgundy.

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6/26/2017 12:00:46 PM
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