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Ehlers Estate  

Ehlers Estate WineryEhlers Estate is one of Napa Valley’s most fascinating wineries. First, it dates back to 1886, when founder Bernard Ehlers first scrawled his name in stone above the winery entrance. Second, it is owned by the Leducq Foundation (created by former owners Jean and Sylvia Leducq), a non-profit, philanthropic organization whose sole purpose is to support international cardiovascular research. (The winery’s “E” icon figuratively embraces a heart.) Lastly, the winery’s estate vineyard is farmed biodynamically by winemaker and vineyard manager Rudy Zuidema, who follows the principles first conceived by Austrian scientist and philosopher George Steiner. This means Zuidema uses no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, follows the rhythms of the sun and moon to schedule vineyard practices, and nourishes the soil with special biodynamic preparations.

The moon and sun certainly aligned for this winery. Rich vibrant fruits up front set the stage for rich, decadent layers that conclude elegantly on the palate. You are sure to find these wines are nothing less than stellar!

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