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It is often said that the people of the Emporda region are impetuous, impulsive, even crazy. Perhaps it is this unique sensibility that has empowered them to cultivate grapes in this difficult land. Vines are planted in the area’s natural amphitheater shape, enveloped by mountains and open to the sea. The oppressive Tramuntana, a tenacious wind that can last up to a week in the area, is responsible for so much of the character and personality of both the locals and the vines. The folks at Espelt love their unique land and are showcasing its character and energy in each of their offerings. Wines are made with a modern approach with as much care as can be mustered. As if given the stamp of approval by all the wine gods, the area has never been conquered by the Barbarians, Arabs, Turkish pirates, or Phylloxera. That’s quite a feat.

Current Offerings From Espelt:

6/23/2017 5:10:40 PM
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