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Falcon Spirits  

A relatively “local” distillery that’s got a refreshing take on gin? Heck yeah! Richmond, California-based brainchild of Farid Dormishian, it’s the picture-perfect example of a craft distillery. The UC Berkeley trained biochemist decided to put his wealth of knowledge in chemistry to a very tasty use – in the fermentation and distillation business. Dormishian has a keen understanding of exotic flavors, unique aromas and how to create a balanced gin (and word on the street is that he’s got a few other tricks up his sleeve). In his gin, Dormishian utilizes 13 botanicals and components to create an array of flavors packed into each bottling. Think you know gin? Think again!

Current Offerings From Falcon Spirits:


    Botanica Barrel Finished Gin

    Perfect for your Martinez or Collins, this is sure to please your palate under any circumstance...


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    Botanica Gin

    Calling Falcon Spirits a micro-distillery is an understatement. This one-man operation meticulously handcrafts just a few hundred bottles per week...


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6/22/2017 6:44:37 PM
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