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Fort Ross  

Fort Ross VineyardsSonoma Coast doesn't get any more coastal than Fort Ross. Their vineyard perch above Highway 1 is only a mile from the water. They're one of the founding members of the new "Fort Ross-Seaview" appellation which recognizes the unique influence of the Pacfic on (mostly) Burgundian varietals. It's what has been referred to for many years as the "true" Sonoma Coast; the district officially streches so far inland as to make the maritime influence basically irrelevant. From the cliffs above the fog layer, the fortunate vines of Fort Ross are able to bask in brilliant sunshine by day and be rocked to sleep at night by soothing ocean breezes. Happy grapes make for some awfully tasty wine, as you'll discover here.

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6/26/2017 12:04:18 PM
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