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Frederic Magnien  

Frédéric Magnien is one of Burgundy’s native sons. The fifth generation of his family’s winemaking dynasty from the charming village of Morey-St.-Denis, he produces a diverse and impressive array of red and white wines. He’s extremely particular when it comes to getting the region’s best fruit, and he’s even been known to bicycle through the small trails that crisscross the vineyards catching the earliest rays of the sun to get a sneak peak on the grapes he’s interested in working with. If the owner of a vineyard attracting Frédéric’s eye happens to be out tending his vines, Magnien inquires whether it might be possible to purchase his grapes. Because Frédéric always offers a good price, the answer often is “Oui.” In Burgundy, winegrowers like Magnien are humble farmers, and what they lack in terms of a grand château or aristocratic bearings, they make up for with their secret weapon: the cellar. Most of the wineries we visit are multi-generational with a collection that stretches back decades. One senses the pride some of the younger guys get when they open a bottle made by their father or grandfather. We count ourselves lucky to have visited Fred’s cellar more than once. He makes the tight rope walk between accessible and alluring seem like second nature.

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