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While driving up Highway 101 over 30 years ago, Ansley Coale picked up a random hitchhiker. His name was Hubert Germain-Robin, a descendant (dating back to 1782) of the Jules Robin Cognac family. They discussed how the art of distillation was dying due to the industrialization of Cognac and decided to embark on a parthership that would bring a hand-operated alambic still and the fine art of making artisan brandy to the U.S. After years of perfecting their "craft-method" of premium grape selection, distillation and barrel aging, they now hold the lartest cellar of old brandies in the U.S., which has given them all the ingredients to produce spectacular blends that not only rival, but surpass the icons of Cognac.

Current Offerings From Germain-Robin:


    Germain Robin "Old Havana" Bounty Hunter Selection Brandy Ukiah

    Having long been fans of the "Old Havana" blend, we approached Ansley Coale about producing a custom bottling just for us. Using the original blend as a starting point...

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    Germain-Robin 30yr Brandy, Ukiah

    Masterfully blended 30 year old brandy, this is from the first grapes ever distilled at Germain-Robin Distillery. A blend of Gamay, Colombard and Pinot Noir grown in Northern California distilled and aged in used Cognac barrels that are around 100 years old.


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    Germain-Robin X.O. Brandy Ukiah

    Only ten barrels of hand-distilled alambic brandy are selected annually for this bottling. A deep golden amber appearance hints to a civilized amount of barrel age. Velvety smooth...


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