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We can admit when we’ve made a mistake. For a few years, we were under the impression that time had passed Heitz by, and that the third-generation winery had become a little too old-school for our audience. Then they showed up and tasted us on a ten-wine lineup that slapped that notion right out of our glasses. Wrong… we were just dead wrong. Founded in 1961 when there were a mere 12 operating wineries in Napa, Heitz has long been a benchmark for newcomers. They’ve also stuck to a consistent philosophy that has helped define their style: 100% varietal wines, low-impact farming and winemaking and pure expressions of Napa Valley soil. They also do the hard work for those wanting something to drink on release, with their Cabs seeing a minimum of five years in barrel and bottle before they hit the street. Help us in celebrating this Napa icon’s five decades of leadership and longevity.
6/26/2017 12:04:49 PM
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