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The Henschke family came to Australia from Germany in 1875. They began as The Henschke Family Brass Band (you can't make this stuff up). One of their most prized instruments was the B flat Euphonium, which is actually a large brass wind instrument that still survives with the family today. You can almost see them migrating from Germany to Australia, Joad Family style, with a big truck full of brass instruments and grandma sitting on top. The humor stops there, as the family, for the last 130 years, has taken their music and their winemaking very seriously. The Barossa hills village of Keyneton, pioneered by pastoralist Joseph Keynes in 1842, was a musical and cultural focus for the early settlers, and has been home to Henschke winery for centuries. Henschke has mastered balancing dense fruit on the palate with wonderfully textured tannins. Their wines are an affirmation from our friends Down Under.

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