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As they say, hindsight is 20/20, so what’s foresight worth? Priceless, you could say, especially for Keith Hargrove, Seth Gersch and Alisa Gean, MD. They’ve parlayed their experience, hindsight and perhaps some insider information into a fun new wine.

A passion for Napa Valley wines united the trio to make high quality, affordable wines. But they were plagued by two questions: why are wines from the Napa Valley so good? And why are they so expensive? To answer the first – it’s the conditions, soil, and climate that make the fruit so prized, and to answer the second – Hindsight is proof that they don’t always have to be.

Napa Valley has the optimal conditions to cultivate fine wine grapes, and through the hard work (and trial and error) of many wine pioneers we now have a good idea of what works. Leaning upon that knowledge, Hindsight offers wines that are a screaming value in spite of the fact that Napa Valley grapes are the most expensive in the U.S. Enjoy the wisdom that Hindsight offers – the marriage of Old World finesse with the robustness of New World fruit sounds like a win/win to us!

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6/26/2017 11:56:27 AM
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