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We had the pleasure of meeting Justin Hunnicutt Stephens a few years back, when he was just getting his fledgling Hunnicutt off the ground. It was immediately obvious that he was the real deal; he and his new wine project would be a smashing success. Hunnicutt was founded in 2001 with the idea of making great wines without heaps of pretense. It turns out that our confidence was well placed – Hunnicutt continues to wow every year since. Justin’s first step with Hunnicutt was to enlist his buddy (and renowned winemaker) Kirk Venge to captain his cellar. Then he built a world-class, and downright palatial, crush facility buried deep into the slopes on the eastern side of Napa, just along the Silverado Trail in St. Helena. These days Justin and Kirk grow and source grapes from some of Napa’s finest vineyards and are fast making friends with their lively round-up of characters, mostly red and all are lip smackin’ good!

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