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Mister Rosso  

So an American walks into a bar in Sienna… yes, it’s the beginning of what could be either a very tawdry joke, or the beginning of an international incident. In this case it’s probably somewhere in the middle. Let’s just say that a heck of a lot of wine was consumed one dark night at a Sienna discothèque when an American earned the nickname “Mister Bianco.” He promptly returned home to create an ode to a perfect vacation, and then he introduced Bianco’s richer, swarthier cousin – Mister Rosso. Mister Rosso is our love letter to Italy’s rich reds and wild adventures, making us wistful of wind-whipped tours through mountain passes in a super-speedster with enough roar under the hood to match her elegant lines. The inspiration is international, but the vineyard sources are a little closer to home. Hand crafted by Team Bounty Hunter, this roaring rosso wants for not – except, perhaps pretentiousness. The Rosso rides again!
6/28/2017 10:33:17 AM
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