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No, it’s not an Egyptian Pharoah, but Numanthia is a force equally as mighty. The winery was started in 1998 and straight out of the gate received acclaim from critics and consumers alike. Set in the Toro region of Spain, along the Duero River, the winery takes its name from the legendary Spanish city that was seized by Roman invadors, but only after a 20-year struggle. Numanthia carries on with that vein of tenacity and resistance, two characteristics that continue to help these Toro vineyards soldier through the extreme climatic and viticultural pressures of the region. Many ungrafted 120 year old vines help produce Numanthia’s wines, and few of their vineyards are less than 50 years old. In total, Numanthia produces three bottlings from their 40 hectares of Tempranillo vines. The low yielding vines have established themselves as authors of broodingly deep and endlessly complex wines. Today, these dedicated winegrowers have tamed the beastly vines into yielding some of the most noteworthy reds to storm the market in decades. If this is your first introduction, welcome to the party.
6/26/2017 12:03:56 PM
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