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Oakville Winegrowers  

Oakville Winegrowers Association=
The Oakville Winegrowers boasts the most impressive lineup of Cabernet producers and farmers of any appellation in America. There are All-Stars in a lot of other groups, but the Oakville contingent is the ’27 Yankees. Their membership roster includes producers responsible for some of the highest-rated and most coveted wine in the United States. Oakville is indeed a very special place for Cabernet.

A few years back, the members decided to join forces and produce the Oakville Cuvée. Wineries would donate an equal amount of wine to be blended each year by a different member’s winemaking team. The blend always changes – only the winemaker knows for sure what made the cut – but when we’re talking about the sort of raw materials that the members provide… you can do the math. This is a wine of unquestionable pedigree.

The production of this blend is miniscule. Here’s your chance to own one of the most unique and rarest wines being produced in Napa Valley today. While we still have it, of course.

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