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Jayson Pahlmeyer

Jayson Pahlmeyer’s mission from the outset has been clear: “industrial strength wines”. An absolute contrarian to the traditional “wine on the dinner table” philosophy, Jayson wants wines that are a meal unto themselves. While most of his wines get gobbled up by longtime collectors and high-end restaurants, we were able to secure an allocation of his latest and greatest. There’s no question that these are wines that are built for maximum palate impact, but there’s substance behind the flash. While the grapes are picked ultra-ripe, they’re not out of balance. While heavily extracted, the winemaking team knows how to feather the throttle in the cellar. You get the point… this is high-octane California wine in every sip. Your inner hedonist will thank you.

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6/25/2017 5:10:29 AM
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