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Grange is Grange for a reason. Officially listed as a Heritage Icon of South Australia, it is arguably the most celebrated wine of the “land down under.” There are only a handful of wines that carry the level of prestige and mystique that this bottle possesses, and we’re pretty sure you’ll understand why once you pop the cork. Chief winemaker Peter Gago and his team continually churn out one of the world’s most consistent great wines, as this bottling has enjoyed an unbroken line of vintages since its experimental launch in 1951. The original and most powerful expression of Penfolds multi-vineyard blending philosophy, it is 100% unique, 100% revered and 100% yours for the taking. As always, we went to the mat for you and got our hands on as much as we could find. We don’t have much to go around… act accordingly.

Current Offerings From Penfolds:


    2012 Penfolds 'Grange' Shiraz

    “Grange” is Australia’s national vinous treasure. Blended from multiple old vineyards in the Barossa and McLaren Vale, this Shiraz with a brushstroke of Cabernet must be tasted to be believed...



6/25/2017 5:19:40 AM
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