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Remoissenet When we learned we would be visiting Remoissenet (ruh-mwah-sun-eh) on our latest Burgundy adventure, we knew we were in for something special. In business since the late 19th century, the domaine was given new life by an investment group that bought the cellars and everything in them, including more than a million bottles of older inventory. They also brought in a guy to run it who has arguably tasted as much Burgundy as anyone, Robert Parker’s former critic for the region, Pierre Rovani. It quickly became clear that the folks behind the re-birth were very serious about making their mark in dramatic fashion.

After tasting through some brilliant wines barrel, we were led to the historic 600-year old headquarters beneath the streets of Beaune where more than 30 wines were opened for us to consider. The lineup was impressive enough that we started running out of superlatives about midway through the tasting. Trust us, you owe it to yourself to drink this well.

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6/22/2017 6:49:42 PM
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