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An Old Vine at Ridge VineyardsAs the winemaker emeritus at Ridge, Paul Draper has been at the same cellar for more than 40 years, a tenure matched by few in California in longevity or success. This is a man who is universally respected in the industry for his demeanor, passion and talent. Hell, even the French give him his due, and he was among the fraternity who brought tears to Paris in 1976 when it became clear that American wines could compete on a world stage. There just aren’t many people in the California wine business who haven’t been impacted in some way by Paul’s trailblazing. The story of Ridge involves many people – including a day-to-day winemaking team led by Eric Baugher – and an enviable set of vineyards to work with, but ultimately the raised glass must always point to the philosopher winemaker (or is it the other way around?) who has guided the ship for so many years.

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6/23/2017 1:49:41 PM
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