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Roy Estate  

Roy EstateThe wine business has a funny way of drawing people in, even those with no intention of getting into the game. Just ask Charles and Shirley Roy. Their goal of a hobby vineyard on their property in Napa was flipped on its head by a visit from famed consultant Helen Turley. She convinced the Roys that they had some very special earth (rock would be more appropriate) on their hands, and that merely selling their fruit would be a travesty. So the shackles of sanity came off and the planting started in earnest. With the help of gifted winemaker Philippe Melka (Bryant Family, Vineyard 29, Marston, Gemstone, Seavey…) the Roys have come screaming out of the gate with two phenomenal wines.

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6/26/2017 5:13:16 AM
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