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Rudd Estate

Just like the old real estate adage, successful viticulture is all about location. Well there aren’t many places better equipped in that regard than Rudd Estate, tucked into the corner of the intersection of the Oakville Cross Road and Silverado Trail. Dalla Valle, Showket and Phelps Backus to the east in the hills, Screaming Eagle to the south across the road, Silver Oak down the street to the west… we’re talking Holy Grail territory. Supplemented with a few select parcels that are farmed to their standards, Rudd has all the ammunition needed for world-class wine.

The standards start and end with Leslie Rudd, a proprietor with the connections and resources to get what he wants. His approach from the beginning has been a winemaking-driven facility, essentially custom built without regard to cost. It’s like Disneyland for anyone in the business of crafting great stuff, something that this winery has been doing from the beginning.

6/23/2017 5:11:04 PM
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