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Talk about bringing the thunder from down under, this juice is rockin’! Call us early adopters, but we’re proud to have been purveying (and drinking) this stuff for years. Taltarni was established in 1969 and was one of the founding wineries of Victoria's Pyrenees wine region. After a worldwide search for an amazing site, John Goelet (descendant of the Guestier wine merchant family from Bordeaux) discovered and purchased Taltarni in 1972. They make luscious big reds, crisp clean whites and some of the most exemplary sparkling wines in the méthode traditionnelle we’ve tasted from down under. Their hedonistic and food friendly offerings are the brainchild of chief winemaker, Loïc Le Calvez, who combines old-world traditions with innovative new-world techniques to produce a diverse range of French-inspired goodies with balance, intensity complexity and length.

Current Offerings From Taltarni:

6/23/2017 1:34:22 PM
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