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Tardieu Laurent  

We’d have never guessed Michel Laurent was once a chauffer for state dignitaries. As the man behind every single technical and commercial decision for Tardieu-Laurent – the man who shepherds 17 wines from vineyard to bottle each year – Tardieu seems to be a born winemaker. Dominique Laurent, a successful Burgundy negoçiant, recognized Michel’s unique attributes, ultimately convincing him to join as a partner the negoçiant and winemaking industry. Since then, Michel has more than earned his nickname “Haute Negoçe” (top negoçiant). He has a precise vision for every wine, which involves using grapes from only the best Rhône vineyards with the oldest vines, as well as working with as many organic and biodynamic vineyard growers as possible. In the winery, Michel constantly pushes the limits, to make terroir-driven cuvees with an edge.
6/27/2017 6:52:18 AM
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