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As the proprietors of one of America’s most respected import companies and owners of several top-flight California wineries, the Terlato family has the resources and experience to get things done the right way. Their longstanding ties with industry stalwarts like Gaja, Chapoutier, Josmeyer, Bollinger and Rochioli (among many others) speaks to their standards of quality. They are also pioneers. To that point, patriarch Tony Terlato is almost single-handedly responsible for the introduction of Pinot Grigio to the US market. Their name on a bottle means the wine inside was produced with thought and care, especially so with their own project.
Overseen in the vineyard and cellar by Doug Fletcher, one of California’s quiet winemaking masters, Terlato Vineyards is largely the result of Doug’s eye for dirt. All of the vineyards used in their wines were the result of Doug’s either identifying a site for planting or purchase (he’s been at it for more than 25 years and even has a trellising system named after him). We’re talking about prime real estate and a talented team. Taste for yourself what experience, vision and passion can produce.
6/28/2017 7:09:17 PM
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