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Tierra Roja  

Tierra Roja Vintner Linda NealThere is a pocket of land along the Silverado Trail in Oakville marked by intensely red, iron-rich soils. They can be seen from across the valley and seem to glow against the green rows of vines. Some of Oakville’s most renowned wine labels grow grapes here and Tierra Roja is among them. The ranch earned its name from these inspirational and awe inspiring red soils. In 2004, Wine Enthusiast was working on an article honoring the Oakville AVA and Tierra Roja Ranch was featured, all the while the ranch’s owner, Linda Neal was considering what to name the wines she would ultimately produce. When the article came out it seemed that the wine had named itself, and now it’s immortalized on the label. Linda, who had spent 20 years in vineyard management, wanted her first wines to be consistently amazing so she tinkered around in secret for a few years before releasing the inaugural 2008 vintage. The proof is in the pudding – Linda certainly knows what she’s doing.

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