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Vecchia Romagna  

Vecchia Romagna Founded in 1820 by French immigrant Jean Bouton, Vecchia Romagna (veh-key-uh roh-mahn-yuh) is the crown jewel of Italian brandy. We’re not sure if it was amore, tales of Bacchanalian feasts, or the lure of the arts and theatre that brought Bouton to the city of Bologna, but he fell in love with the local culture enough to change his name to Giovanni and started the first quality Italian brandy distillery whose spirits rivaled those of his native Cognac. Since the early days of selling brandy from the back of a wagon in the town square, their bottles have always stood out in a crowd. Not only for their unique triangular bottle design, but the rich and inviting spirit inside. While they’ve come a long way since then, they still don’t need celebrity endorsements and fancy marketing to stay relevant in today’s world. It is, and always has been, the magic inside the bottle that keeps us coming back for more.

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