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Vineyard 29  

Teresa Norton and Tom Paine came to Napa Valley in 1989 to retire – a dream that was quickly replaced by another when they learned their estate was prime real estate for cult Cabernet – Grace Family, Hourglass and Revana Vineyards are all within a stones throw. Soon, they were putting in a 3-acre vineyard under the watchful eye of lauded Vineyard Manager David Abreu and, within a year, planting cuttings from the Grace Family. Why Vineyard 29, you ask? Well, the address is 2929 Highway 29, so you can say it just sort of made sense. In 2000, Chuck and Anne McMinn purchased Vineyard 29 with the idea of taking it to the next level. They immediately broke ground on a winery and cave and purchased an additional vineyard just two miles up the road called Aida. With this expansion and the recruitment of superstar winemaker Philippe Melka, the McMinn’s have all the tools necessary to be contenders in the highly competitive Napa Cabernet market.

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