Brenne 10 year Limited Edition Single Malt Whisky Cognac

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Sure, France is most known for wine production, but they make some outstanding spirits as well! Produced from 100% organic malted barley grown on a small farm in Cognac, Brenne's 10-year-old whisky is a blend of four different barrels, some new, some used, and all hand-selected by founder Allison Patel. The result is a whisky with a rich aroma of red fruits and melted chocolate. The Cognac influence is apparent by its elegant palate filled with notes of honey and creme brûlée. The finish is voluptuous, goes on and on, and is laden with a gingery spice. 

After her career as a professional ballerina, Allison Patel discovered a passion for food and drink that immersed her in cultures all over the world. While exploring the world whisky scene for something that was focused on “terroir,” Allison encountered a third generation Cognac producer who had started distilling a unique Single Malt at his farm distillery. Upon tasting it, she immediately knew it was something special. After a four-year collaboration to refine the whiskey, Allison had a breakthrough when she decided to incorporate used Cognac casks into the whisky aging process. This stimulated the whisky in a beautiful way; ultimately creating a new profile within the Single Malt category that became Brenne Whisky.

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Other Whiskey
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Ex-Cognac Casks
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750 ml Bottle