Briottet Creme de Cassis de Dijon

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Burgundy, a region associated with world-class wines, is also home to some of the finest liqueurs in the world. Since 1836 Briottet has been crafting exactly that. According to F. Paul Pacult, Crème de Cassis doesn't come any better than this; a masterpiece." World-renowned 'Noir de Bourgogne' blackcurrants are macerated for two months in alcohol, producing an elixir with sublime flavors. Whether you want to make a classic Kir or spice up a mimosa with a splash, this is the only crème de cassis you will ever need."

A former wine establishment, Briottet was set up in 1836. Given the growing popularity of the "white wine-cassis" aperitif, Edmond Briottet little by little stopped operating as a wine trader and instead switched over gradually to producing Crème de Cassis. Since then, each successive generation of the Briottet family has worked at the firm. Today the 6th generation continues the legacy by focusing on a line of fruit liqueurs whose quality lives up to the high standards of this founder, Edmond Briottet.

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750 ml Bottle