Brugal 'Especial Extra Dry' Rum 1L Dominican Republic


Weighing in at a full liter, this barrel aged, white rum might just have you reexamining all you know about white rums. Brugal's proprietary double-distillation technique produces a spirit that's remarkably dry and bright. Two years of aging in American oak mellows the spirit and lends it a velvety texture while the triple-charcoal filtration makes crystal-clear. You may have had white rums before, but never one like this…

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Don Andres Brugal Montaner founded Brugal & Co. in Puerto Plata in 1888. Nearly 130 years later, their rum is still crafted by the Brugal Family; only family members can become a ‘Maestro Ronero’. Jassil Villanueva Quintana and Gustavo Ortega Zeller now hold that honor.

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Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic
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1 Liter Bottle