Cadenhead's Old Raj Blue Label Dry Gin

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A name that is synonymous with quality, Cadenhead has a real winner here. An interesting pale straw hue is due to the addition of saffron in the recipe, though it's barely evident on the nose and palate. Aromas of fresh flowers and angelica give it lift up front, while on the palate juniper and citrus zest tantalize the taste buds. The texture is remarkably silky with a long and structured bitter citrus finish. As the world's most respected spirits authority, F. Paul Pacult noted in a recent Spirits Journal '…as delicious and comely as I could ever imagine British gin to be.' Did we mention we love this stuff?

Scotch Whisky is known the world-over by the Brand names of large blending companies. These blends are the mixture of the products of various distilleries which were originally independent family owned units. Until the middle of the 20th century there were many small firms that bottled and sold the pure product of the local distilleries. Since Victorian times the firm of William Cadenhead has provided this service. However a diminution of public interest caused the small bottling companies to close down. Only a small handful of distilleries still remain in the ownership of their founding families and even fewer of the bottling companies remain active, William Cadenhead is one of the notable survivors. Recent revival of interest in the whisky from different single distilleries has caused a surge of new firms to emerge. Many do not actually control their bottling operations and unfortunately feel it necessary to invent fictitious ancestries. However William Cadenhead has a well established pedigree and the experience of over one and a half centuries ensure that we can truly rely on what they put in a bottle. They never chill-filter or chemically alter the products that nor add coloring agents. Each bottling of whisky, and indeed of our rums and cognacs, comes from an individually selected cask. The way it should be.

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United Kingdom
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750 ml Bottle