Casa Dragones Joven Tequila Gift Set

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This modern-classic, Sipping Tequila has been dressed up for the holidays! Each one of these gorgeous bottles is hand-engraved with the traditional art of Pepita. This is available in very limited quantities with two hand-crafted, engraved Riedel copitas. This is the perfect gift for any discerning Tequila connoisseur. Pick this up today and cross one gift off your list!

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Walking down the narrow, cobbled streets of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico one may stumble upon the legendary Casa Dragones. Previously home to the elite cavalry forces that helped spark the Mexican War of Independence, today it is home to one of Mexico's elite Tequila producers. Casa Dragones Tequila is the brainchild of Mexico's first Maestra Tequilera (female Tequila maker), Berta González Nieves. After a lifetime in the industry, she put her passion and experience to good use crafting a Tequila like no other. Other Tequila producers may make a variety of different styles in large quantities, that's not the case here. Since its first release in 2009, Casa Dragones is committed to perfecting minute amounts of the ultimate sipping Tequila for your enjoyment.

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