2005 Charbay Double Aged Rum

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Charbay Distillery is known for creating some of the most unconventional, yet delicious, spirits on the market. This unique rum is no exception. A blend of sugar cane syrup from Hawaii and Jamaica blended and double distilled in a copper Alambic Charentais pot still. [Fun Fact: this is the type of still used to produce Cognac.] The resulting spirit is aged for 10 years in stainless steel, ex-Chardonnay barrels, and glass before release. You’ll realize just how well their patience paid off when this high-proof rum hits your lips. On first nosing, pay attention to the rich aromatics highlighted by crème brulee, sugar cane, honey, toasted oak, and a touch of stone fruit. The decadent palate brings baking spices and an intense flavor profile with Banana’s Foster and toasted vanilla bean. This is a cigar-lovers rum and one that will keep delivering new and complex flavors every time you pour a glass. We recommend adding a little splash of cold water or a slow-melting ice cube if you find the proof is a little high, a whole new world of aromatics comes alive.

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Founded in 1983, Charbay is one of the original artisanal distilleries in the U.S. and remains an independent family business owned and managed by Miles and Susan Karakasevic. They work side by side with their son Marko & his wife, Jenni, to carry on the inherited artisan traditions. The family is one of the early pioneers in the modern American artisan distillery movement. They began distilling in California in 1983 with Alambic Pot Still Brandy and haven't stopped since then. They also make wines, ports and aperitifs - using brandy they distill in their Alambic Pot Still. Marko is Generation XIII to carry on the family's European heritage of fermenting & distilling. It's hard to find someone with a more spontaneous love of the art form all grounded in solid experience. His long apprenticeship covered every category of distilling. And when he'd sourced, distilled and taken to market his very own spirit, his father said he'd earned the right to be called a Master Distiller. The enthusiasm and wisdom of Charbay's founder, Miles Karakasevic, fuels his son, Marko, the family's 13th Generation Master Distiller as he brings his own creativity to the Alambic Charentais Pot Still.

10 years
Oak Treatment:
Matured 5 years in stainless steel, 3 years in ex-Chardonnay Barrels, 2 years in glass
Charbay Distillery
A blend of Hawaiian and Jamaican sugar cane juice
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750 ml Bottle