Corbin 'Estate Grown' Sweet Potato Vodka California


For over 100 years the Souza family has been farming sweet potatoes in California's San Joaquin Valley. When fourth generation farmer David John Souza, took over the family business, he decided to shift into a different direction and set out to craft the world's first farm-to-bottle sweet potato vodka. After much trial and error he developed a spirit with rich cocoa aromas, creamy texture and an exceptionally smooth finish. Few vodkas have been given the unanimous thumbs up from our tasting panel… this is one of them.

For five generations, the Souza family has put their love and dedication into growing one of the most nutritious vegetables in the world - the sweet potato. Now they're taking this tradition to exciting new places. They've discovered that this remarkable ingredient can lend its delicious character to all kinds of spirits - from vodka, to whiskey, to liqueurs. They handcraft their farm-to-bottle spirits in small batches, working with a team of hard-working people who have a true passion for what they do. Currently they produce two spirits: Vodka, produced from their yearly sweet potato harvest, and rye whiskey is distilled from Merced Rye that has been planted between sweet potato harvests to help replenish nutrients in the fields. Over the next few years they plan to introduce a number of other unique small-batch, farm-to-bottle spirits.

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United States
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750 ml Bottle