Crafthouse Cocktails Gold Rush

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Looking to throw a holiday party this year, or need something quick for a weekend soiree with friends, pick up some of these pre-made cocktails crafted by award winning barman, Charles Joly. These are the finest quality and flavor in the pre-made drinks category and we know you’re going to love the ease with which you can throw together a night with friends and family without all the fuss of going to different stores for different ingredients.

A twist on the iconic Whiskey Sour.  This pre-made cocktail shows what balance is in a drink at its finest. Bold Bourbon from Traverse City Whiskey Company, rich honey and lemon, with a dash of aromatic bitters to tie it all together. This is a cocktail with spice, depth and complexity. 100% all-natural and gluten free.  Pour over ice and enjoy!

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750 ml Bottle