Crafthouse Cocktails Paloma

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Looking to throw a holiday party this year, or need something quick for a weekend soiree with friends, pick up some of these pre-made cocktails crafted by award winning barman, Charles Joly. These are the finest quality and flavor in the pre-made drinks category and we know you’re going to love the ease with which you can throw together a night with friends and family without all the fuss of going to different stores for different ingredients.

The Paloma is all the rage in tequila cocktails, easily giving the venerable margarita a run for its money. A simple, balanced, and refreshing cocktail that is delicious year-round! Using blanco tequila from Jalisco and handcrafted grapefruit soda with a touch of pure California lime juice you'll find depth of flavor and character in every sip.  All-natural and Gluten free.  Enjoy over ice

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750 ml Bottle