Crater Lake 'Reserve' Vodka Oregon

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What's smoother than a vodka filtered 10 times? How about a vodka that's filtered over 100 times? Crater Lake Reserve vodka was born due to happenstance, and now recreated in minute batches each year. Unmatched in purity and smoothness, this limited release isn't short on personality. This vodka displays elegant minerality and a kiss of vanilla with supple texture and a full-bodied finish. Are you a vodka aficionado who sips it neat, or just a fan that's looking for a spirit to class up your next cocktail? No matter, Crater Lake Reserve fits the bill.

It's the Water! Crater Lake in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon, long regarded as the purest water in the world, is our inspiration for Crater Lake Vodka. Melting snow, percolating through porous lava rock, forms the source of this extraordinary water. Mimicking this natural process, we filter our vodka ten times through charcoal and crushed lava rock. Then, a portion of each batch is rested briefly in new American oak. The result is vodka recognized internationally for its exceptional smoothness. You will notice a soft, spring water character with a hint of vanilla on the finish.

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United States
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750 ml Bottle