Dillon's Unfiltered 22 Gin Canada

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Distilled from local Niagara grapes and infused with 22 botanicals, this is one of the most interesting new gins we’ve seen here at Bounty Hunter. Waves of juniper and flowers, followed by herbaceous and spicy aromas and a rich texture with a touch of grapey sweetness that will keep you coming back for more. Best served with bitter lemon soda or a well-made tonic… enjoy!

From Wayne Gretzky to distilled spirits, it seems like all the great products of Canada make their way to the U.S. eventually. In fact, during Prohibition, much of the whisky that was supplied to speakeasies and other illicit outlets came from north of the border. Dillon’s Small Batch Distillery looks to build on that legacy and begin a new chapter of excellence. Geoff Dillon and his team have an intense passion for creating unique spirits using local sources and state-of-the-art equipment. From Niagara grapes and Ontario rye to the copper pot/hybrid still used for every batch, they are truly an artisanal producer in every sense. When it comes to Canada, we typically think whisky, however, these two gins have opened our eyes and raised the bar in the craft spirits market.

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