Dimmi Liquore di Milano

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There are few, very few, spirits that so perfectly capture the essence of a place as Dimmi Liquore di Milano. Dimmi embodies the nature of northern Italy specifically Lombardia and Piemonte.
Unique in aroma and flavor, Dimmi is a delicate combination of wheat spirits with a touch of grappa di Nebbiolo, the noble grape of Barolo and Barbaresco wines of the Piedmont. The base spirit is then infused once with a family recipe from the 1930s of herbs and bitters, including assenzio gentile (Italian absinthe), liquorice, vanilla, rhubarb, ginseng and bitter orange. A second floral infusion follows, with delicate peach and apricot blossoms, to add a distinct aromatic signature. The resulting liqueur is unlike any other you've had, neither as starkly bitter and herbal as Campari, nor as sweet and spicy as Tuaca. It rests delicately on the tongue and speaks softly in liquid Italian, with the fashionable elegance of a Milanese and the country charm of a Piemontese. When sipping Dimmi, it's difficult not to picture the Galleria, or to feel the cool Alpine winds blowing down from the north. It's also difficult to remain objective and not float away on a lyrical cloud when you're sipping Dimmi... it's just that kind of liqueur.

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750 ml Bottle